Nurturing Thursday 67: Listen


In repsonse to Becca’s Nurturing Thursday.

OK I know the picture and the message contradict each other.  Just for fun.

The whole point is we should learn to listen to the soft signals which destiny sends us from time to time.

Unfortunately we do not see the name of the author (as per google page) in the frame, it is   Goldgrammer.

10 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 67: Listen

      1. Thank you. I thought it might be a traditional proverb or a quote from a significant person. I wanted to use it on my regular blog feature Proverbial Thursday wherein I showcase and discuss thought -provoking proverbs and sayings. I will follow up the tag you mentioned and attribute it accordingly.


      2. 🙂 I have experienced it sometimes. Some quotes/messages are beautiful though they are from someone ordinary or even unkown.
        Thank you for visiting my blog and spending time. 🙂


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