Nurturing Thursday 74: Never give up

Always there has an adventure just around the corner and the World is still full of corners ~ Roy Chapman Andrews

My last weekend began with an odd piece of information where I got involved indirectly. I was shocked and stressed. I donot remember how was the weather outside but in my mind it was all gloomy. Later in the evening we had some guests and so there was a slight change in my mood. But it was so hard to overcome that strange feeling.

On Sunday we decided to hike up a new hill and get some fresh air. The trail was covered with nice white snow. I was happy being there. The three hours walk helped me sorting out things.

Then yesterday during my walk in the city I saw the first few crocus flowers of the season. Just in matter of few days I experienced both the winter and glimpses of spring.  Moreover I have solved the weekend matter upto a certain extent. Life is full of adventures 🙂

 This is my contribution to Becca’s “Nurthuring Thursday” theme.

Thank you for reading this. I hope all of us will have a great weekend.


7 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 74: Never give up

    1. Dear Meg, I am so happy to see this comment. Yes, it was like magic. The flowers are out even when the beds are still protected by leaves and in the old cemetry where no body cares so much about them they are smiling.
      Have a nice week.


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