Sundary Trees and my Apologies!

Hello friends!

I was away for last few days without informing anyone whom I am connected via WordPress. I have some backlog with posts and replies. I will try to get hold of all of it asap and will also visit your wonderful blogs. But it might take a day or two. Thank you for your patience.

The interesting part is: I visited Keukenhof Gardens and Amsterdam city. This was my second visit to these beautiful Gardens. The whole purpose was to try my hand at photography.

Here is a picture for Becca’s  Sunday Trees theme.



I hope you will like it.

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4 Responses to Sundary Trees and my Apologies!

  1. becca givens says:

    Visiting during tulip time is on my bucket list! Beautiful!


  2. Kunal Rane says:

    That is lovely… and beautifully captured.


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