Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge: Day3

I have been nominated by blogger Becca Givens of “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea” to participate in a challenge called  Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. Becca is very creative and she likes to spread positive energy via two wonderful themes every week  Nurturing Thursday and Sunday Trees.

To participate in the game is like a chain reaction. The first part is to post one photo per day for seven days from “nature” and the second is to nominate a new blogger every day 🙂

Today I would like to invite blogger Lim Soo Peng of S.P.’s Space of 6 T’s to participate in the challenge. He has a lively photoblog. I hope he would join the fun.

Here is my third photo of the series 3/7.


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4 Responses to Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge: Day3

  1. lspeng1951 says:

    Thank you for the nomination but owing to the instability of the local internet and my problematic CPU, can I start later next month. Thank you once agaain.


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