Nurturing Thursday 82: Criticism


If you are a quite person.

If you believe in live and let live.

If you like not to bother others.

If you are happy with your choices in your life.

Then you should take this lesson.

Because irrespective of how you behave there will be people to offer free “criticism”.

I am sure in this way you would glow on your own sky 🙂

In response to Becca’s Nurturing Thursday.


7 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 82: Criticism

  1. Many years ago, I did a lot of volunteer work. With a group of volunteers come a lot of opinions. I remember someone saying that if you didn’t have a potential solution to accompany a criticism, then just keep your criticism to yourself. I’ve thought of that many times over the years – works quite well. 🙂


  2. Meg Evans

    Excellent quote! I also had to deal with criticism (and some nasty gossip) when doing volunteer work years ago. Just did the work and ignored the whining…

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