Weekend Wanderings: 07may16

Weather is improving. While there were some rain showers this morning, it was also pleasant and so we decided to go for a walk/hike. We went out with a bottle of water and that’s it. At the last moment there was a change in plan and we thought about trying to hike on Ulriken. It is the the highest of the seven mountains ( 643 metres above sea level) that surround Bergen. I am sharing some pictures from this trip.

Unlike Fløyen (the most popular tourist attactions) to go up to Ulriken one has to follow the lighted trails. There are many trials but the one with shortest distance is quite steep. Although it not considered dangerous by others not by me. One has to be very careful in such expeditions. For the last 800 metres distance the elevation around 440m.

Anyways it was a great experience. Instead of coming back from the same route we took a rather long route for the scenery was just great. And also because on the top of the mountain (Ulriken) we had food and ice cream and also got drinking water. At the end it turned out to be a 5 hours hiking trip with distance covered 10.7 km of which 6 km was on mountain areas with trials.







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