Tuesday Trails or tracks or Roadways 31

A very typical scene these days on mountains in surrounding areas. We may say, it is due to the default weather setting “rain”. One has to be very careful while walking/hiking. Still i do hope you are able to figure out the trail in the picture.


The good part is if you are ready to take some pain and follow the signs you are rewarded by this scene after a careful but nice walk.


Every Tuesday I upload a picture of a trail or a track or a road. It is so much fun to take a walk and capture the track. Hope you enjoy it. If you like the idea please feel free to join.

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5 Responses to Tuesday Trails or tracks or Roadways 31

  1. janettoms says:

    I think one may get wet feet! Lovely, unspoilt place, though.

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    • Rupali says:

      Yes deifinitely we need right shoes but else it is no problem. Sometimes I met more people on mountains than in groccery stores. People care about nature and so until now it is unspoilt.


  2. Steve says:

    Where is this place….

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