Nurturing Thursday 100: Faith


I love gardening although it is hard and extremely expensive to have such hobby in this climate. A solution is to have some indore plants. I love my plants. Seasonal plants are just for a few weeks but they do their job well. As far as  I know one can rely on Orchids and Roses. They are tough but still lot of care is needed. When they bloom they bloom else keep us waiting.

I got this orchid plant last October as a gift. It was blooming good and then some unavoidable circumstances made me to stay away from home for few weeks.

Somehow I had a feeling that by the time I will be home many plants will be gone. Many were really in bad condition. Alas instead of throwing this and some other plants I kept the pots in a place where they will get light and moderate temperature. There was not much hope but since the roots were green. I water them regulary. Somewhere in my heart I had faith that my care will bring it back to life.

You see the result and hence the quote. Needless to say I am very happy!

This my contribution for Becca’s  Nurturing Thursday.





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