Nurturing Thursday 102: Stay calm

Mistakes and pressure are inevitable; the secret to getting past them is to stay calm ~Travis Bradberry


This quote is so true. Some of you might have read on my blog about my visit to Vienna. After staying in Vienna, we visited Bratislava, Slovakia.

Our flight back home was from Vienna. It was not a big issue as people have told us about trains and busses from Bratislava to Vienna. We were all set. Tickets could be purchased from bus driver according to tourist information office. It seems like fantastic arrangement and we were happy and tension free.

We reached bus stand before time. There was a queue but nothing to worry as the bus was empty. Then there was an announcement. The bus was fully booked. WHAT!!!

Next bus was in an hour! No information on if seats available or not. No chance of train as it would have left.  We approached a taxi driver. He said the charges are fixed Euro 70. His reason was travel time and in case of casualities on highway he would have take us from another route.

Stay calm!

We tried to check all the small outlets to get more information on travelling to Vienna airport. The last option was to go back to our hotel and asked them to arrange a taxi.  After a while we realized a small ticket office was opened in one corner of that small bus stand. It was closed earlier and there was no informaiton about opening hours 😦

Time for a new queue. The quy on the other side of window was clam and friendly. He assured us about next bus from some other company. I can’t write but believe me, we asked him so many questions in that short span of time. Believing someone in hard time is not an easy task. We reached Vienna airport on time. It costed us Euro 5 per person.

Getting panic is the easiest thing but if we manage to stay calm we are able to handle difficult situation gracefully.

This is in response to Becca’s Nurturing Thursday!

The photo above was taken at the same place in Bratislava.








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