Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the side

Workwise, this last week was an extremely busy week. I had no time for training during office hours ¹. The work demands persistence and expertise and leaves no chance for procastination. Anyways all went well and I am happy for that. Yesterday we were blessed with few hours of sunlight, I felt like it was God’s gift to me 🙂

I decided to visit different places in search of “Spring”.  The cherry on the top was walking around a lake watching this beautiful swan.

French artisit Paul Cezane has said, “art is a harmony parallel with nature”.  So, here is my entry for Cee’s theme  “View from the side


¹ yes you read it right, training during office hours. I have mentioned it in my earlier post and my regular readers would have noticed it. We are previleged to get two paid hours for training/physical activities during office hours. To know more about it and check photos, check the links given below.

My training time during office hours (trenning i arbeidstiden)

Mountain hiking on an ugly day in November


20 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the side

  1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Wow! May be I should move to Norway! 😀 Here we do not get training time for physical activities. Spending long hours in pantry is ok, but no going out for physical activity. Your boss should always hover like a helicopter, so be in his visibility area 😂😂 this is how it was in my office before I quit. 😂😂

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    1. 🙂 Not a bad idea! The work cultures are different and so the practices. Here it’s the trust between the management and employees and then your work speaks for you. So no tension.


      1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

        I don’t know how things work here in India, but my experience was bad. I had horrible managers. They were partial to those who maskafied them (Makhan marna). I am happy I finally had to quit. But that experience made me take a decision that I ll never go back to the IT industry.☺

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      2. I had no experience of IT industry in India. I feel sorry for you and for all those who get stuck in wrong places. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch and so does one bad leader spoils good working environment.


  2. shivamwrights

    it’s always seemed more like a blessing to be in sunlight esp. when one needa get lazy ov’r time. i know, & do understand how absurd it is finding a time for oneself esp. when u r doing job. ah… life’s a complete mess in job!! we hardly find time doin’ anythin’ else but 24×7 job. however, im glad to see u find that blessed time, & hung out somewhere around ’em swans. it’s fascinating to capture such beauty of nature. keep it up! im sure would be lukin fwd to checkin’ out some of your earlier stuffs, of course, to have i-me-&-myself quite familiar with ur intriguing posts! xoxo

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      1. shivamwrights

        anytime, Rupali. pleasure’s completely mine to smoke outta ur amazing stuffs! well, ive kept privacy on my blogging page for now. only authorized bloggers (whose id ive added to my page are able to get access to it). but no worries, Rupali… soon imma remove that privacy… and then u may get access to it. oh by the way, my stuffs may sound a bit romantic + more erotic. so please huh… dont shout at me if u visit. haha! (joking)

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      2. shivamwrights

        hahaha… wow! i find u quite fascinating. have at it, gurl! im sure gonna see u soon dripped like a drop into my popped up page. xoxo

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  3. Beautiful photo. I admire the graceful look and move of swan. I live in CA, my daughter and her husband live in Oregon. The companies there encourage staff to ride bikes to work. The offices have showers and lockers room. My daughter’s friend has been riding bike to work for 8 years.
    Thank you for liking my Cee’s post. Please come back and visit soon!

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    1. Thank you Miriam. Good to see such initiatives from offices/companies all over the world. I know it is popular in Europe but didn’t know about the US. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I hope we visit each other again! Have a good day.

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