कमबख्त दिल भी अजीब सी चीज है

मौसम बदले, पर ये न बदला।

दर्द जो कल थे वो आज भी हैं 


5 thoughts on “दिल

  1. shivamwrights

    sach mein? oh yaar.. ye saala love hei hi aisa. kisi ko ni chodhta. lol (kidding)

    quite a very poetic verse uve come up with this time. see, i told ya, Rups… oh i mean, of course, Rupali not rups.. lol that.. u r gonna get cocky over bona-fide lady literature, if u try giving a damn ’bout writing. and see… it worked! ur poetry sounds more like YOU. very touching, & quite fascinating. u sound even more like a gazzal yourself. wow! okay, well im not flirting now. just tryna doing so. oops! lol (joking)

    catchy & captivating! nice imagery here. im sure would be lukin forward 2 readin ur suchlike poetically written “enigmatic” stuffs. keep it up, gurl!

    Liked by 1 person

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