Nurturing Thursday 128


“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others.                            Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval.                  Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
– Lao-Tzu

A very convincing thought as I must say.  To live a happy life one must have healthy sense of self-esteem without which nothing is possible.

My entry for Becca’s Nurturing Thursday.

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13 Responses to Nurturing Thursday 128

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Very thoughtful post Rupali, love the quote. So true

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  2. smilecalm says:

    imagine having such insight
    from birth 🙂

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  3. calmkate says:

    the words ring true!
    Would like to interview you for my new blog “meet the Bloggers”? Only if you have time and I ask that you only to share as little or as much as you wish to make public .. this is the link to the blog and my interview format, much thanks kate

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  4. Meg Evans says:

    Yes, simply believing is much more effective than arguing.


  5. So true, I love it!

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  6. becca givens says:

    Our self esteem is the center of our experiences and level of growth! Thank you for sharing!

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