Floral Friday: Wildflowers on mountains

2 images taken at 250m above sea levelfloralfriday_26may17_2floralfriday_26may17_3

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12 Responses to Floral Friday: Wildflowers on mountains

  1. Beth says:

    Wonderful scenery, beautiful flowers! Stunning captures….

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  2. Tom Schultz says:

    Superb color contrasts.

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  3. sandyjwhite says:

    Dainty and beautiful!

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  4. They are beautiful.

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  5. hbs1991 says:

    I absolutely LOVE Violas! These are fantastic, this is where we get modern day pansies from, however pansies with their huge flowers, I don’t think hold a candle to the dainty little blossoms of the violas! Great photography! 🙂

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  6. Wow. beautiful pictures. Which place is this?


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