Weekend special 36: Collage of Roses

Once someone asked me, “Are you always in nature”.

I realised, why not? Why can’t I be in nature at least “when I wish”?

As Lord Byron says, “There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”

According to my philosophy,  shopping can be done when needed in any kind of weather,  whether it’s everyday grocery or a party dress. For being in nature and to capture moments I have some restrictions and follow some rules.

So when the weather permits and is not bad (saying good is difficult even for weather forecast department these days 🙂 ) I try to be in nature instead of being part of “the” crowd in shopping centres or being couch potato or reading all stereotype forwarded messages on social media.

Here I am presenting Collage of roses: Part1  a few takes from yesterday’s visit to local rose garden. Unfortunately I can only share the pictures not the fragrance.

Gateway to heaven: Gateway to heaven








44 thoughts on “Weekend special 36: Collage of Roses

  1. Rekha

    I agree with your philosophy, Rupali 🙂 I too love being surrounded by nature. I prefer walks in the garden more than shopping or visiting malls 😀
    Lovely roses. The air must have been filled with the fragrance of roses, isn’t it 🙂

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    1. You got it right Rekha. It was wonderful being there, even though it was just for an hour. There is still so much to experience.
      I have heard about gardens in Banglore. I am sure you must be enjoying them quite a lot.


      1. Rekha

        Yes 🙂 there is a flower show coming up next month, I am waiting for it . We have a lot of plants and trees at home too. I always find myself close to nature, no matter what🙂

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      2. You mean there is a flower show in Lalbagh in August? Will it be near Independence day? A private garden in Banglore. You are a lucky girl Rekha 🙂


      3. Rekha

        Yes. It’s called independence day flower show 🙂
        We do not live in the hustle bustle area of Bangalore, Rupali. 🙂 It is under city limits but there is some greenery around 🙂

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    1. You are right. In India we differentiate them by calling country rose and hybrid (foreign) rose. The old fashinoned ones usually have less petals but still they are beautiful with divine smell. These roses are harvested and petals being used to make rose syrup.

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      1. That’s a lovely distinction, country rose v hybrid.
        We have rose hip syrup distilled from the hips.
        As children we used to collect the petals and soak them in water to make ‘perfume’. It always ended up going sour and being thrown out!

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      2. 🙂 To make jelly, traditionally layers of country rose petals ( washed delicately) and candy sugar are arranged in sterlized glass jar. Eventually sugar gets dissolved and after a long waiting time rose petal syrup is ready.

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      3. Oh yes I have heard about heat wave in south of Europe. Weather conditions is Norway are quite different. Last week nights were pretty cool with temp. between 8-10 C.

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      1. Oh yes and moreover all these parks have free entry. University provides lot of funds in terms of money and man power. There is a section for school kids where they learn about different grains, vegetables, fruits and food sources.

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