Sunday Trees: Is Autumn just around the corner :(

We were surprised after looking at these red coloured leaves yesterday! We are still hoping for some real summer days but seems that nature has planned something else for us!

I do hope autumn will not happen sooooooo soon 😦

Inspired by Becca’s Sunday trees theme

22 thoughts on “Sunday Trees: Is Autumn just around the corner :(

      1. It has been a surprisingly mild summer so far. A couple days this week, lows were in the high 50s. Cool enough for a light jacket with the breeze along Lake Michigan.

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      2. So far it is a wet year for us. There were a few real summer day. This year I even missed my usual visit to Rhododendron gardens. There were hardly any sunny days in June.

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      3. Ha! Don’t think I would ever want to forecast the weather other than to say that we will have some sun, clouds, and raindrops sometime in the next six months. 😊

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    1. Sorry for hijacking your conversation, but i wanted to share what’s happening in the other part of the world. 🙂 It is not raining at all in India even though it’s Mansoon. (except few lucky cities like Pune, Mumbai) Mansoon will be over very soon and we will have couple of months of pleasant weather or we call it winter. 🙂

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      1. First of all everyone is welcome to participate in conversation. And we would love to hear about weather updates from different parts of world. Winter will be pleasant if there is enough rain in monsoon. I wish there will be atleast enough rain in all regions.


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