Many times I had read,

girls have visceral feeling (like super power 😀 ),

about if someone is paying extra attention.

Is it true?

Is our instinct more powerful than logic?

Is there a relation between our instinct and our feeling?

I may be wrong but I feel

if you like someone, you see extra attention as affection.

if you don’t, you see hatred in eyes.

if you are nuetral you won’t notice anything.

Visceral feeling is all biased or feelings based on previous experience.

Fish or no fish any visceral guess???

What do you think?

Daily Prompt-visceral

26 thoughts on “Visceral

      1. tase nahi pan kami aahet. Mala hi bare watale marathi manus baghoon. Blog cha hetu marathi toon lihinech hota. pan ata mhanje “ye kahan aa gaye hum” chi paristhiti aahe 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oops I didnot plan to go in so much details. My only point was “instinct” or GUT feeling has something to do with knowledge one holds.
      Thank you for being kind and sharing your view..


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