Experimenting with blurs!

I can’t explain how much have I learned in last two days.  Let me be honest and tell you one thing, for me getting a blur image was only related to a water fall or river. Just to get that soft touch on water. I never though of getting soft background or dreamy image in general setting. I was using shutter speed to capture the cases with fast movements, especially for birds.

Here are my entries for Raj’s lesson on “blurs” in photography.

This image was taken this autumn. The leave was hanging very high up on the tree. The details for image: 1/500 sek. f/5,6 300 mm, ISO 320

learnphoto6_1  The second image is very interesting. The credit for blurring effect goes to the snow fall. The picture was taken from inside a bus. The details are 1/1000 sek. f/4,5 62 mm, ISO 400


On sunday, we got few hours (not exactly) of sunshine. It was very cold and there was strong wind but still I went out and tried some autumn shots by changing shutter speed.

The details for next image: 3.1/500 sek. f/11 92 mm, ISO 320


and the last one with aperture setting. The details are 1/4000 sek. f/6,3 85 mm. ISO 6400


After taking photos yesterday, I realize it really matter if you are looking at the light or against it. The amount of light already available makes a difference. Raj has opened a whole new world of “dreamy images to me”. There is so much to explore and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy the images!


22 thoughts on “Experimenting with blurs!

  1. Thanks Rupali for the submission and glad to see your submission.

    Pic1: You have captured a beautifully lit leaf. The longer focal length and the 5.6f created nice background blur and the bokeh. That’s the advantage of having a telelens handy. The green and the blue background looks great. However the dark tree background creates a bit of the distraction, I don’t know if you could have avoided it.

    Pic2: Nice postcard from the other side of the world. Looks really like a vintage picture. However, some edits could have added some contrast to the trees and the house there.

    Pic3: Great shot once again. With F11 you have done a great job in creating sharply captured trees and the branches. I really liked this shot. It creates a beautiful depth to the whole image.

    Pic4: Colors of fall nicely captured! Clearly, you are able to separate the subject from the background. Only I feel the levels were not alright here as I can see trees in the background are slanted.

    Finally, I must say you have done a great job in all the above pictures. You took good advantage of the available light. All the shots are properly exposed and correct settings are used.

    This critical review is part of XDrive’s photography learning sessions. Thank you Rupali once again for being here.

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  3. Interesting variation of images, Rupali. The first image is my favorite…I’m thinking the blurring creates a nice softness. The second one..taken from a bus…nudges me into a story. The third is amazing in that the branches lead my eyes throughout the image. The fourth…the color variations and details of the leaf…nice. I agree the learning offered through these lessons is amazing.

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