Learning about closeup/macro photography

Here are my submissions for Raj’s lesson on Closeup/Macro.Yes, focusing is important. Pictures taken with Nikon D3200.

When it is about focus distance, I am so much comfortable with mobile than camera. “…Mobile phone cameras have very close focus distances such s 5 cms which is excellent for closeup shots.” Excellent point.

Next photo was taken with iPhone 5 and when I showed this to my colleague. Her reaction was, “you must have scared the bee”. I said why? And she literally put that mobile on my nose and said “so how do you feel now”?


As Raj suggested, I took multiple shots. I did check a few of them but due the fact that I was running out of time (it was during my training time and bees were always on move).


Light or bright light is “a” problem. A very bright sunny day made it almost impossible to capture this butterfly. Also the background and the butterfly were like on matching day parade. This picture was tken using Samsung GT-19305.


Capturing an object inside a glass is challenging. The movements of fish, the light system inside the tank and the reflections on the glass wall were main obstacles. Taken with D3200.

The rain drops were captured with Samsung and the flower core was captured using iphone5.   One thing I realized that mobiles are very handy to use but the clarity with Nikon is much better. I thought about buying extension tube but would love to buy a macro lens next year. We tried few shops in Japan but could not get original nikon lens. Seriously, I am not joking 😀

Now it’s time to listen to Raj’s comments.

28 thoughts on “Learning about closeup/macro photography

  1. Thanks Rupali and its good to see you back here! 🙂 Nice to see one of the most complicated and difficult types of photography contribution.

    Pic1: Butterfly on the flower, is the first thing comes to our minds when we talk about closeup. Nice try, I know you have very little time to push that shutter! But I see the lack of sharpness in the picture, probably the picture is cropped a lot. And also note that zoom lenses are soft at the end of their zoom end. The picture looks bit underexposed.

    Pic 2: Exactly same thoughts as pic 1. When shooting flowers either the petals or the stamen should be sharp to be appreciated. I strongly recommend a manual focus for this kind of shooting. Autofocus almost all times go wrong with the wrong part being in focus.

    Pic3: This is a great shot considering that it’s taken using a mobile phone. I like the details shown on the right wing! Excellent. Sharpness is very good too. Liked the blurred flower in the background. This is a perfect shot! As an improvement, you could have brought out the shadows a bit to show the bee’s details on the back.

    Pic 4: Yes, harsh light always kills the image, Picture is captured sharp, but the lighting makes it difficult to show any details. For macro photography, details are very important.

    Pic 5: Yes definitely is a challenging shot as you will have a limited light there and generally things are changing in the aquarium. If you see the fish here, the top part is overexposed and the bottom underexposed. Sharpness is also missing probably because of the movement of the fish and the shutter speed that was chosen.

    Pic 6 and 7: Nice capture of water drops, I always get mesmerised with this scene always. I like the way they are positioned in the perfect sphere shape. The flower’s core and nicely displayed, I like the design nature has done here! But remember these kinds of shots need a dedicated macro lens and a higher resolution camera. Marco shots are more enjoyable in full size. For mobile shots, you did well here.

    This critique is part of XDrive’s Photography Learning sessions. Thanks Rupali for being here.

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    1. Thank you Raj for your comments. I do have taken closeup of flowers with Nikon but were lazy to dig more. And have kept some photographs for the next lesson on “focus”. How easy is to miss the focus. 🙂
      See you soon with another submission!

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