Weekend walk along the frozen (!) river


A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but due to persistence ~Jim Watkins


Time is like river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of your life. ~Unknownweekend49_4

I wanted to capture some photos containing repetitions during my walk along the river today. Strange but I could not see any pattern. Am I a bad observer? Anyways the temperature was not very promising and so after a while I gave-up and enjoyed my walk  capturing what I found different 🙂

Hope you like the images.


29 thoughts on “Weekend walk along the frozen (!) river

  1. The fourth image is beautiful…the images tell me it was really, really cold. I would have had a hard time being able to connect with the environment as my whole being would have been wrapped up…arms and all…not to mention a fear of falling which, of course, would have directed my gaze downward.

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    1. Wow, did you take any pictures?
      The river here was frozen until recently. Just last couple of days temperature crosses the zero mark for few hours a day. Still I missed the farilyland photos along the river for this season.

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