Untold Stories!

picture is worth a thousand words

Every photo no matter how minimal, contains at least one story.  Let us imagine and share our versions…


  1. No window or door reveal the degree of happiness…


2. Illusion…


3. Life beings…


4. Every nest is special…


5. Every pinch of pink gulal powder on the holy basil portrays a personal wish .


6. Age doesn’t matter, Attitude does…

I wanted to show the story/circle of life. What do you think about these images




36 thoughts on “Untold Stories!

    1. Thanks Sunith. You always have perfect set of words. One thing I am glad about human memory is the ability to forget. Otherwise instead of looking forward we would have seen people crying for the past 🙂 Although there are always some around us.

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    1. It’s a sign of our existence to be curious about things we see, listen, feel or smell.
      I was thinking about degree of happiness in various families with different means . Then one time I saw a lovely flower in a luxuries flat on 52nd floor and the same type of flower in a broken pot in a very simple house. I realize happiness has nothing to do with status.
      Thanks Carolyn for taking interest.

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      1. Thanks for sharing this information. It means really a lot. These days when The photo albums on social media gives me a strange feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to believe. So much luxury!

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  2. I loved the first picture – it is so reflective of our skewed versions of reality. And of course the nest – no matter how helpless we may be we can always be of help to another! Great job Rupali

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    1. Yes Dahlia, it is the basic reason of selecting the first image. Thinking about the nest, a luxurious penthouse and a house with basic ameneties happiness of offspring depends on coordination between fahter and mother 🙂

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