Sugar – It’s better to put some in the garbage than on your waistline

I shall be writing a series of posts related to health. I shall share what I found insightful.

To begin with here are some quotes:

  • Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself ~ Anonymous
  • YES! getting yourself healthy does cost money. But doctor and hospital visit will cost more ~ Anonymous


This morning I read an article related to sugar in our food. The important points it includes are

  • Big Sugar has paid researchers to conduct misleading — if not false — studies about the health effects of added sweeteners. It has come up with a dizzying array of euphemistic names for those sweeteners. And it has managed to get sugars into a remarkable threequarters of all packaged foods in American supermarkets.
  • Virtually the only way to eat a healthy amount of sugar is to make a conscious effort. You can think of it as a political act: resisting the sugar industry’s attempts to profit off your body. Or you can simply think of it as taking care of yourself.
  • You may have heard about high-fructose corn syrup.  Many researchers believe that sugar is sugar. But people don’t generally overeat natural sugars. Have you ever inhaled five apples in one sitting?
  • Your rules should revolve around added sweeteners, rather than the natural ones in fruits, vegetables and dairy.
  • Fix your breakfast. It’s the most sugar-packed meal, and it doesn’t need to be. Eggs, fruit, nuts, plain yogurt, plain oatmeal and traditional pita bread are delicious — and free of added sugars. If you’re pressed for time, boil a dozen eggs, refrigerate them and grab one or two in the morning. A sign of a good breakfast plate: It has an array of natural colors.

  • Redo your pantry. Steer clear of staples — like sauces, crackers and breads — with unnecessary sugars.

  • Eliminate soda. Just get rid of it. Soda and sports drinks are essentially liquid sugar.

  • Whip portion inflation. Restaurant desserts are often family-size servings marketed as individual portions. The marble-loaf cake at Starbucks, for example, has more sugar than most adults should eat in an entire day.


After checking a few more articles I gathered this:

  • There’s also the matter of fruit juice concentrates, which are juices that have been stripped of nearly everything but sugar and evaporated. A lot of seemingly natural foods include ingredients like “apple juice concentrate.” That’s sugar. That will be a lot clearer when the labels are updated.
  • Health experts recommend that you focus on reducing added sweeteners — like granulated sugar, high fructose corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, stevia and molasses. You don’t need to worry so much about the sugars that are a natural part of fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Most people don’t overeat naturally occurring sugars, as Marion Nestle of New York University says. The fiber, vitamins and minerals that surround them fill you up.
  • When you eat out, think of every dessert as a serving for two. It’s better to put some in the garbage than on your waistline.

A lot can be said and discussed on sugar and health/lifestyle but for now this much is enough. I would love to hear from you, any experience or information.

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53 thoughts on “Sugar – It’s better to put some in the garbage than on your waistline

  1. Some posts such as this Rupali even though when bereft of sugar still taste real sweet for the reader as it sounds the chime of death to sugar, our common enemy who waits with bated breath while we decide whether to ingest or forsake it.

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    1. The sweetness of your words if going to kill me 😀 I thought people might not like it as it is against our social norms of “enjoying” life. I feel that slowly and steadily we can win the race. Thank you for taking interest in “sugar”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Believe me but you are not alone Mukundji.
        Nothing wrong in eating sugar in small amount if one is able to digest it. In modern world we are used to eat a lot more sugar and fine carbohydrates which are bases for most of our diseases.

        Thanks for commenting.


  2. Dhanashree

    Good research!! 🙂
    I will always prefer anything that is cooked at home with a known quantity of sugar rather than buying anything from outside that says Zero sugar, etc
    At home, we can also use jaggery instead of sugar as it is said that is less sweet.
    Glad to know that you too are health conscious just like me!

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  3. Great initiative and post title! I’ve cut down on the food (at least that is what I think) and am now focusing on exercise, mostly walking. But that clashed with my blog time – like now. A tough choice

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  4. Thanks for visiting me! My only weakness is cookies, in which is sugar. But for the rest, if I need sweetness, I use honey. That simplifies my life a lot,since I don’t drink anything but water, coffee, and tea without sugar.Also, I make all my food from scratch.. but another weakness is …salt)

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    1. Thank you for commenting Jesh. Good to know that most of us try to avoid white sugar as much as possible. Also making food from scratch is the best choice. Salt with iodine is important for our body.

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