Low angle photography – Looking up!

Here are my photos to Brenda’s “a photo study: low angle“. I have thoroughly enjoyed her post. It comprises of nice explanation and fantastic photos. A good way to learn a new topic in photography.

My understanding of low angle photography is summariazed in the following points:

  • A different perspective to create unique compositions.
  • Camera is either beneath the subject or looking up at it.
  • Crouching and kneeling are very common positions but sometimes one might have to lie down to get a “worm’s eye view”.
  • Or otherwise looking up at the subjects above us.
  • Changing the angle can have big impact on the composition.
  • The most important is to find an unusual viewpoint.
Bending knees after a hike is difficult
How tall is the lamp post
Hope no one saw me when I shot this photo in a graveyard
From my gym windows
Smiling Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday I was on a “point of depature” tour, the aim was “Low angle photography”. I got some interesting shots and shall write a new post involving the concept “point of depature”.

Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

24 thoughts on “Low angle photography – Looking up!

  1. Low angle photography seems to have encouraged you to engage nature in an unique way…the bee. 🙂Your first image…the colors are beautiful and i enjoy the light and shadow on the petals, both in the first and last image. The blurred backgrounds seemed to offer me a story as it brought to mind a childhood story. The light post and trees from the low angle invites me to imagine the world through the eyes of a child. I do hope you had fun. Thank you for sharing these beautiful colors of spring and for joining me on this learning journey.

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