High angle photography – Looking down

In her latest post in photo study series, Brenda talks about “high angle photography“. Photograph taken from an high angle or when the photographer/camera looks down on the object/s. Brenda has discussed different ways to create an interesting image and the Ted Forbes video she has included contains brilliant ideas/examples of high angle photography.

In this post I am including four images with different stories.

The first photo is very special to me as it was one of those rare moments. The only time I saw a rainbow from above. My camera was in my bag and I saw it soon after takeoff with seatbelt sign still on. I could do nothing but shoot with my mobile.


Second image is taken in Lisbon. Lisbon is a city of stairs and the colours of walls in Lisbon is fascinating. To give full view of stairs I didnot crop the image on the right. I tried to use the lines to give the idea of depth and how far was the main down street.


The third is taken from Lisbon castle, the Castelo de Sao Jorge. We can get some idea of the large square in the centre, Praça da Figueira.


The last image was taken from the viewpoint/tower at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tochō). We see cars on a bridge and cars on the road below it.


In my earlier posts I  have included a few high angle photos taken in different parts of Italy and at the Victoria peak in Hong Kong so it was appropriate not to include them again.

Hope you enjoyed the images.


53 thoughts on “High angle photography – Looking down

  1. Oh, such great shots Rupali!

    I loved the second image, the lines and the feeling of dizziness.

    And the last one is beautiful, such a criss cross of lights.

    I am inspired to try this angle even though I am a complete amateur at taking photos.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments Sona.
      I am so happy that I am able to inspire at least one person. Do try and share you rimages with me. I am looking forward…


  2. I like the colors, light/shadow. and detail in these images, especially the one with rainbow. The angle in the second one is intriguing…invited me to imagine being brave enough to lean out a window. I must admit a bit of wishfulness to see various parts of the world from such amazing heights. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoyed all four photos but the first two are exceptional. Glad you didn’t crop the second photo as I like the white leading line. It’s always hard to decide to crop or not to crop!

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