Street Photography: Time to relax

In this post I shall combine two themes  “street photography” and “lens artists photo challenge“.

I am very much fascinated by Brenda’s various photo studies. In one of her post Brenda talks about street photography and I must admit that am not so comfortable while capturing people. It is quite challenging.  The images I present now are quite plain. In my next photo study tour shall try to capture some light and shade effects.

Also for lens artists photo challenge, the theme for this week is time to relax. I decided to capture tourists and showcase the way people relax while travelling and visiting new places.


Oops these days people spend more time on their mobiles than anything else 🙂

How about me!

We will be more successful in all our endeavors if we can let go of the habit of running all the time, and take little pauses to relax and re-center ourselves. And we’ll also have a lot more joy in living ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

In town
On road
In a remote place with such cosy setting

I hope you like the images.

73 thoughts on “Street Photography: Time to relax

  1. I am like you; I meant to capture images of people in Tenterden last week and utterly failed. I was worried about invading privacy and someone shouting at me. I love your last image!

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    1. You are absolutely so like me. Forget about people as the tour of Tenterden with your lens was superb.
      Oh thank you, It’s taken in book town in Norway a rather interesting place. I shall write a small post on it.


    1. Meg Evans

      I love the city garden too — it’s fabulous! I wouldn’t mind working in a downtown office if I could look out the window and see that view every day.

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      1. Thanks Meg.
        Sadly I see nothing out of my office window. Due to modern technology a little sunshine brings the cutains down. I sit in very artificial setting.


  2. Rupali, thank you for joining me in this learning project. It is fun to have a learning companion. Please keep in mind that I’m an amateur photographer who is motivated to learn more and be more creative. I agree street photography has a bit of anxiety associated with it…and invites me to be a little bit sneaky at times, which creates another layer of anxiety. Yet, people are so interesting as they move about in their natural unaware state-of-being and if asked about taking their photo, they suddenly become guarded and rigid. The couple sitting on a bench with a ship in the background is very interesting in regards to the multiple lines and the diagonal line in the bottom right leading my eyes to the couple. I think I would like to see it straightened a bit. The image above, with the two people photographing…great images in that the parallel lines of the trees seem to match the people with the shadow horizontal lines, great! The guy in the horn hat is an interesting contrast to the mannequin in the window. 🙂 I also like how he is framed by the backs of the two people. I think it would be wonderful to spend some time in the “cozy” room.

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  3. Wonderful photos, Rupali!
    I’m surprised more people didn’t have their faces in their phones! 😉 😛 I like the bench photo, the horn-y guy photo…and HA! that’s a LOT of cheez doodles! 😮
    I must say the last 3 photos are favorites of mine now…they are colorful, vivid, and so much to see they capture me in! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I especially loved the cozy bookshop. Your other photos of the people were entertaining. Great captures of …sadly…real life these days. At least you make it fun to look at. I was kind of hoping you might have caught the girl on the back of the jet ski….slipping off. (just kidding) Donna.

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  5. Dahlia

    Even I hesitate to click pics of people. In fact i often forget to take pics of family 😀 I loved your diverse gallery especially the ones of people from the back. And the last photo of course – the best place to be!

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      1. Dahlia

        Thanks Rupali but actually it works the other way, a short story inspired by a photo 🙂 One of these days perhaps one of your photos could be the setting of a story or two 🙂 I am still stuck on the photo of the three people sitting on a bench with the back towards the camera. Something tells me there’s a big story in there – though I am still to see it 😂

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  6. Street photography is something I have always wanted to do, I see im not the only one who feels awkward about taking photos of strangers, but it is art and we are the artist. I am inspired thank you and very nice pictures. I think I will try street photography in the near future and post on my blog. Thank you

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