Sunrise over the Charles bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge is a 14th century bridge linking the two sides of Prague, across the Vltava river. One fine morning in April we decided to take an early morning walk to watch sunrise over the famous Charles bridge.

The shot was taken at 5:29 am from the hotel window.

The show begins!
Take the stairs!
Looking aound!
The castle!
People from our tribe!
Oops the show ends!

The last image was taken at 5:55.

This post is inspired by Jo’s Monday Walk theme.

44 thoughts on “Sunrise over the Charles bridge in Prague

  1. Prague is such a beautiful city. And with the sun you captured its true elegance. Funny to see the photographers on the bridge. I love that with your post you seem to grab real life moments in there. Very nice. Donna.

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  2. Yeah, I did that too, wake up super early and go to take photos. It’s the only way to avoid all the tourists! I arrived at 5 am and it was busy with photographers.. We all had the same idea…

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  3. The Words Kraft

    Amazing captures. The clean and relatively empty streets make them even more wonderful. Street garbage and litter looks so dirty.


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