A short visit to botanical garden

Last week I had an unplanned visit to a botanical garden. Though the summer is already gone in this part of the world the garden was nonetheless very green and perfect for relaxing walk. The garden holds a large and varied collection of trees and shrubs planted in a systematic fashion after plant families. Also there are two green houses The Palm House from 1868 and The Victoria House from 1876 present exotic plants from other parts of the world.

The buildings are surrounded by lush green trees
Diphylleia cymosa
One of the many walkways
A grand tree!
Rock garden
Another view
Remains from the season
Garden landscape
Garden landscape 2

Flowers from well maintained greenhouses.



I heard about the giant waterlillies from amazon which I missed unfortunately.


I could not spend a lot of time exploring garden and taking more diverse and detailed images still I decided to share my experience with you all for Jo’s Monday walk.

I hope you like this short walk. Next year I shall plan a thorough visit.


48 thoughts on “A short visit to botanical garden

  1. Rupali, wish we could get good write ups or poems on nature from you. Exploring the beauty of nature definitely gives a lot of scope to life and it brings a positive change in life. Can we expect few poems from you on nature?

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    1. You are very kind Upen. Thank you so much. Sorry but you put a smile on my face. Oh dear I am not good with words and it reminds me of the joke on our educational system, where everyone is asked to climb the tree 🙂


      1. It is nice and green here, not raining a lot but it is terribly humid and quite a dampener for going out. And evenings no good for photography and hence no real incentive 😉

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