Stone fence to protect an old wooden church

A place and a time when the sky and the sea melt in each other.

A modern fence protecting an old castle on a mountain
High technology fence to keep the horse in
Oops! how does he see

These are some of fences for lens-artist-photo-challenge.

23 thoughts on “Fences!

  1. Rupali, I enjoyed looking at your Fences! Had to chuckle looking at the horse and also the creative fence surrounding him. And I really like the 2nd image, modern fence; like the “clean, uncluttered” picture accented with the red flowers! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. The first one seems really massive. The second, modern one, is beautiful and the third…is the first electric fence in the challenge! Good choices! The poor horse seems to be very narrowly fenced in though…would not want to be him…

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    1. Thank you so much Anne -Christine.
      It was taken at one of the popular farms which offer various activities for families with kids. I guess it was a temporary arrangement for the horse.


  3. Beautiful photos! My favorite is the modern fence. The blues and the pop of color form the flowers is wonderful! Love the character of the horse! Thank you for sharing the beauty captured through the lense of your camera.

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