Nurturing Thursday: Relax

Many suggested that I should take some time off. I should relax. I told myself. Yes it’s time to relax. But how…

I ordered two books while dreaming about “cosy autumn setting” and me. The first book I got was “the handmaid’s tale” by Margaret Atwood and the other was “Uncle Tom’s cabin; or life among the Lowly” by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

The story in the first book is set in modern times where as the latter was first published in 1879.

The stories revlove around a particular class (though different in each book) of society subjected to/destined to serve others. These people are denied any right and are not considered as humans what so ever.

No need to say that I forgot the word relax when I started reading these books. I just learn one thing, I need to be a better person.

No two leaves are alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or the branches on which they grow ~Mahatma Gandhi

Nurturing Thursday:  treat others mindfully and kindly


If you are interested in knowing more about these book. Check the links

I would like to thank a fellow blogger who suggested Uncle Tom’s cabin to me a couple of months ago. I ordered it then, but something went wrong and I didnot see the book then I reordered and made sure that my name is in the list. I was fourth on the waiting list.


24 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: Relax

    1. I am not very good at writing but I shall try.
      I read the handmaid’s tale first and I could relate it to various incidence from real time. It was shocking. Then I started reading Uncle Tom’s cabin and I feel like it has touched my heart more than the handmaid’s tale. I could feel the pain of various character’s which I missed in the other book.

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  1. Beautiful photo, Rupali! 🙂

    YAY for new-to-you books to read! I love buying books! I have read both of the ones you mentioned and I found them to be excellent. And timely to our world today. Your quotes (in bold print) are timely and important, too.

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    1. I read a lot not just books but even articles. But I feel lazy to write posts on them 🙂 photography is more fun to post. And moreover I read a lot in my mother tounge.
      Since I am not a good writer I do not write reviews 😀
      Thank you.

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    1. You got it right Dahlia with extra effect due to the content. Both the books put one to think and rethink about the whole process of discrimination and injustice all over the world.
      Do you remem your series of post on a love story sonu and titu ki love story. How can one be so cruel act so inhumane.

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  2. Reading provides a ticket anywhere — a mini-vacation for the mind and spirit — unless it’s
    “required” reading 😉 — that is an entirely different scenario. I like your choice of quote and photo to go with it. Thank you for sharing!

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