Weekend 65: A walk in nature

To stop myself from overthinking

Wrong things happened in the past.

Wrong things happen somewhere right now.

Wrong things will happen in the future.

Not all in my control.

I control my behaviour.

Not others.

I want peace for others.

I am responsible for peace with myself.

I learn to pacify my mind.

I walk in nature.

Thursday was recorded as the warmest day in October til date. October was never so warm before. I am presenting  vibrant autumn colours captured on Thursday despite a super windy day. The time I spent in nature helped me to calm my agitation.

Have you ever tried capturing leaves or flowers when it is windy? Then you understand my efforts.


For Dawn’s Festival of  leaves: week -3





33 thoughts on “Weekend 65: A walk in nature

  1. Sundar tasweeron ke saath laajwaab lekhan……sach kahaa…jo ho rahaa hai sansaar men uspar meraa ikhyiyaar nahi…magar….khud par to hai….jisse khubsurat sansaar ko aur khubsurat banaayaa jaa saktaa hain.

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  2. Lovely super-windy-day leaf photos, Rupali!
    And your poem is superb! Your wise words are helpful and encouraging. Yes, we can’t control the wrong others do…but we can control how we respond to it.
    I, too, want peace for all peoples. And I, too, find peace in nature walks.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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