Weekend 71: Routine travel shots 2!

Traveling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller ~ Ibn Battuta

Yesterday I had to travel again. Yes it was my routine travel route.  Taking flight was no option as chances of flight cancellation were higher than landslide problems.

On my way there were places with very poor visibilty. The probability of a good photo shot was even less. Still I tried until it was really too dark. Here I am sharing some images. Hope you like them.


The images are mostly monochrome and even the availabe light changed the background colour from grey to blue.

Most of the times I don’t feel bored while travelling as the surroundings, and my fellow passengers happily share the responsibilty.

Who likes travelling?

26 thoughts on “Weekend 71: Routine travel shots 2!

  1. The pictures definitely show the trouble with visibility on your travels! I wish I could travel more. For me, traveling is about the people. The conversations and the stories people share are amazing. And I enjoy seeing and experiencing different places – even if it is just a stop over at an airport. 🙂 Sometimes it is also fun to be the quiet observer. There are times when I learn more by watching than talking. Thank you for sharing these pictures! Hope you had safe travels.

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    1. Thank you Kim. While travelling I am usually a quiet observer and anyways in Norway people are not quite comfortable talking to strangers 🙂 I am so glad you responded.
      Have a fun filled Sunday.

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