32 thoughts on “Wordless Winter Wednesday!

  1. They say pictures is worth a thousand word ( or something like that). The picture captures the chill of winter evening perfectly. It’s a time when people stay inside in front of the fireplace with warm chocolate, tea, or coffee.

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      1. There’s a snow storm here in Norway today and I thought of this post. haha 😀
        To answer your comment it all depends on how long. Most homes have chest freezer. During cold season and bad weather my family has no problem staying inside for 2 weeks. But then again we are only 3 in the family.

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      2. Oops sorry. I’m just a bit on the “ready side” after encountering many weird questions from my own country. Can you believe my childhood best friend even asked me once if Spain is a state in US?

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      3. Please don’t apologize. Actually I have not mentioned it very clearly on my blog but I live Norway too.
        Yes I know the funny questions people might ask 😀
        Have a great day Jessica.


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