क्या मैं वाक़ई में अलग हूँ?

क्या मैं वाक़ई में अलग हूँ?

क्या मैं वाक़ई में अलग हूँ,

आपसे, या उनसे या फिर उनसे,

तो फिर क्यों उठती है ये दीवार बार बार,

कभी इधर से कभी उधर से।

क्यों नहीं मैं  हटा पाती,

इन उलझनों को,

इस कोहरे को,

जो मेरे और आपके, या फिर मेरे और उनके दरम्यान है।

ऐसा क्या है “जो”

हमारी नजरों पर,

हमारे ख्यालों पर,

और हमारे दिमाग पर बार बार,

हावी रहता है।

चलिए मिल कर सोचते हैं।

– रुपाली


24 thoughts on “क्या मैं वाक़ई में अलग हूँ?

  1. wow! We are mystery indeed! i wonder…

    we are packaged being! Inside is chocolaty, silky, smooth, full of love, innocent, all woven in one such thing… which is unseen to us, as we are from outside… muddy, matte, rough, loveless, full of boundaries, cunning, everything split in many such thing we – unkind mankind!!

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    1. First of all thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I really appreciate that.

      Yes, there is enough for all of us but we nuture our greed which creates the problem. Moreover news paper and social media playing important role in destroying whatever trust is remaining between us.

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  2. It is a confusing time…and yet, none of us-peoples of the world are that different. We have so much in common and we need to think together…work together…learn from each other…build bridges, not walls. We must be empathetic and love and help each other, ETC. 🙂
    Your poem is beautiful, powerful, timely, Rupali! And a wonderful photo! 🙂
    HUGS!!! and ❤

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