Weekend 75: Rain rain go away


The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn ~Bertrand Russell. 

A couple of weeks ago I hurt someone unknowingly and soon realized my fault and apologized but still the gulit is killing me. How come the situation sliped from my hands.  It was for sure my duty to handle things with great care.

How much time will it take to calm my soul?

I am travelling these days and would love to feel sunshine which for a reason is not on the menu for a while 🙂

Have a good weekend friends!

35 thoughts on “Weekend 75: Rain rain go away

  1. Hey Rupali. Don’t beat yourself for something of the past. You can’t change it anymore. Don’t drown in the guilt as that is not going to change anything. Be happy. Just forgive yourself. That’s more than enough.

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  2. Aw. 😦 Please don’t hang onto that guilt! It does no good! Let it go! Release it! Forgive yourself!
    Maybe the sun isn’t shining outdoors, but please let it shine in your heart! 🙂 You have such a beautiful, caring heart! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and ❤

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  3. yes the apology is the hardest, you’ve owned your error … now forgive yourself and move on … guilt is such a waste of energy and anyone who know you knows that you don’t have a mean bone in your body … bet they’ve already moved on ❤

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    1. I hope so.
      Thanks a lot Kate.
      With all the positive support from fellow bloggers the weather forecast changed unexpectedly. Sun is shining and though there are snow flakes, we had a nice walk.

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