33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Malaga

      1. My husband has been showing me around his country for many years so I’m rather proud of “knowing” Norway and would like to visit any towns I’ve never been. I’ve been all over Spain too except Malaga. Your comment immediately made me wonder if Rupali was pulling a joke. 😅

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      2. OH, now I got it.
        You should have been here these days, it is really “vår”.
        You might have heard it from your friends or extended family in Norway.
        Take care.


      3. Thanks Rupali. I’ve been to Europe since 2004 so I actually experience all kinds of seasons in Norway. And I’m so jealous of you right now being in Norway. 😢

        Men personlig jeg liker host best. Fargerik og alt 😊

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      4. Filipino is a small language. We speak to him in English and Norwegian, sometimes a bit Spanish but we’re not making an effort because we’re in Spain, everyone else speak to him in Spanish.

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      5. OMG, now I see, I kept you girls busy for a while in a very interesting way but unfortunately I was busy somewhere else. 😀
        The mystery is solved and now we can take Jessica’s advice when it is about Norway since I am not familiar with whole of the Norway.
        Enjoy your day girls.

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