Weekend 76: Spring 2019

Finally – Spring has arrived.

After yesterday’s hike it was time for a leisurely walk in a garden. What’s better than visiting an arboretum.


Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade ~ Charles Dickens



I was alone but not lonely as I enjoyed various kinds of birds sounds even when I was taking photographs. I saw many robbins but photographing them was not easy. There were not so many flowers but it was very plesant and everyone I met was prasing weather. I saw first batch of Cherry blossoms, only one tree has a few flowers. I suppose by next week, it will be more colourful and by that time tulips will also bloom.

For Jo’s Monday Walk theme & for my weekend walk theme.

38 thoughts on “Weekend 76: Spring 2019

  1. Wonderful pictures!! I can hardly wait for the Spring flowers to become prevalent. I’m seeing lots of plants getting ready to show their beautiful flowers. The next couple of weeks could make a huge difference in the landscapes! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

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      1. Sahi kaha. bas kai baar comments check karne rehe jate hain. Waise der karna to nahi chahati bas ho jati hai.
        Aap ke yahan to election ki dhoom hogi.


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