These images are to appreciate my unknown supporters!


I am not good in keeping orchids. It doesn’t matter how much I care eventually I miss them. The orchids in shops are always so inviting, one wants to buy at once. Once I checked the information near orchid section it said,  guarantee for “5” weeks.  After 5 – 6 weeks when the flowers are gone the stem starts to die and then begins the waiting time for the next bloom. It can be quite long and any kind of ignorence could be very dangerous.

Dear unknown supporters I donot want to hurt you. If ever you feel that you like my posts or comment on my post and I have not visited or checked your blog, write yes in the comment section I will check your blog instantly. Please make sure that I have access to your blog as recently I marked that many blogs are private.

These images were taken in 2016 during my Keukenhof visit.

37 thoughts on “Orchids!

    1. Thanks Tanvir for sharing your experience.
      At least I am relieved that it was not totally my fault. The light and temperature in flower shops are well regulated which I can’t do at home.

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  1. Yes! The “clicks” are so well done. It is true that in some locations they don’t do well. Here, in Central Florida, they love the indirect sun and humidity. I take mine for granted so after this current blooming season, I will be checking the roots, sterilizing the pots in the dishwasher, and repotting.

    I may take before and after pix of this process.

    In the meantime, I will enjoy them live and on here!

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    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing information Patty.
      You are blessed to have moderate weather and that might be good for overall garden.
      Once I tried repotting but failed.


    1. Or they are happy with the situation.
      It was my try to let everyone knows that I appreciate each and every visit on my blog.
      Sometimes when I click the image of a blogger from “like” list on my post I see a profile picture but without a link to their website.

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  2. OH! Your orchid photos are stunning, Rupali! Each orchid plant has uniqueness, personality and beauty! 🙂
    I’ve never tried to grow orchids. I have to stick with growing things that are hearty, self-growers, and don’t require me to have a green thumb! 😉 HA! 😛 In fact, for house-plants, years ago, I researched ones that are easy to grow and those are the ones I always have in my house. Ha! 😀 Outside I can grow more of a variety of plants, flowers, etc. + vegetables!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. You are a clever lady Carolyn but I have learned my lesson for now 😉
      I shall keep plants which can tolerate temperature variation and survive in low light. Otherwise best is to visit botanical gardens and exhibitions 😀
      Have a great Sunday.

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