31 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: Simple Pleasures

  1. Aw! Such a lovely photo of a beautiful, peaceful creature! 🙂 (When we lived in San Diego, we saw seals and sea lions a lot! 🙂 )
    Yes! on the quote! 🙂
    Simple pleasures, for me…taking a walk in nature, music, flowers, trees, watching the children in my life as they laugh and play, driving with the windows down, watching the rain or snow fall, walking through an art gallery, freshly washed sheets, candlelight, reading/writing, star, and moon, gazing, dancing, summer berries, laughter…I could go on and on and on…but, I won’t. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. Yes.
      Animals and birds live a simple life and live the moment.
      I find simple pleasures almost every where, just think about any thing and I am sure I can say yes. You might laugh.
      Drinking a glass of water after a long hike or even using a toilet which was just cleaned.

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      1. See, life is so simple, we make it complex 🙂
        After a truely busy week and some travelling yesterday, we managed to had a nice 8 km hike tour after breakfast today. Being in woods is luxury 🙂
        Hope you had a nice Saturday Kate.

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