Weekend 82: Am I lost!

These days my work keeps me busy for more than necessary and besides the working hours are just 7 a day as we follow summer time schedule.


Yesterday I decided to take it easy and attended a farewell lunch party for a colleague and spent my evening laughing with jolly good friends. I could not stay late with the gang  as I was supposed to take a morning flight 😀 . Travelling early morning means  packing the bag before going to bed and the result, I forgot my sunglasses and temperature today is +25.

I have shared a clip from my journey in history on my instagram account. I think one needs an instagram account to see it. Link to my page is


Sorry for not able to visit your blog. I shall do it soon.

The above image of oriental turtle dove was taken at TianTan Buddha in Hong Kong.

22 thoughts on “Weekend 82: Am I lost!

    1. 🙂 thanks Kate.
      Yes it was nice meeting retired colleagues who were also present for the lunch and showing respect to the soon be retiring.
      As you have mentioned in one of your poems, people need someone who listen to them and care about them. Someone who ask about their well being in a genuine way.

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  1. Your Oriental Turtle Dove is so beautiful! No matter what life throws at you, or where life takes you, Rupali, may you recall the dove of peace to remind you to breathe and smile. 🙂
    Laughter is healing! Glad you got to laugh with friends! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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