A trial!

A hike on a rainy day

I am not sure if it does work.


28 thoughts on “A trial!

      1. Oh but rains in India and here are different.
        In India I was doing chores without any problems even riding bikes in rainydays but it is very cold here and so I avoided going on walk when temperatrure is below 10C fearing cold and cough 😀

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    1. Thanks Carolyn.
      I cannot put video’s on my blog so it was a trial to link it to my instagram.
      sometimes when I walk in nature there is a moment which is missed since we don’t see the action. Now I know how to share it with others.
      Hope you are enjoying Sunday!

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      1. Yes, all the little (and BIG) trials while we’re on the trail of Life! 🙂
        I know if you put your videos on YouTube then you can put them from there onto WP. But, I don’t know anything about Instagram. Wish I could help.
        I am! Hope you are, too! 🙂
        HUGS!!! 🙂

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  1. Yes da bad times in life is like a telephone
    You never know when it ago ring
    But when it ring
    Just pick it up an receive
    When you finish
    Put down the receiver and carry on
    ‘Cause the sun will always shine
    It’s a rainy day
    Yeah the sun will shine
    It’s a rainy day

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