35 thoughts on “Sunday Trees

  1. love the gnarled trunk … and your message in “glow” … you’ve turned off the comments there?

    WP is causing me grief still .. went to like your post and it send me off to another post altogether 😦

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      1. Rupali your comment about not being able to like or comment is the first complaint I’ve had from readers! But WP has been super slow for some weeks now. For example, nearly an hour to publish a post or make a comment.
        The joy of blogging has gone, and yes my server works perfectly well on everything else.
        SO I’m taking a break … thanks 🙂

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      2. I am glad I mentioned it.
        I tried to be on wordpress last week and the week before for some time. But were able to check the upper most posts in the reader section. Somehow missed your post 😦

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      3. Until recently I used to read all posts in my reader. I don’t believe in just pressing like button without checking the post. Now I need more time to work on images I have taken in the past with no intention to seel them. Working on archive is very time consuming. But one day I will be free from own spell 🙂
        and will be back to wordpress.

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