It’s about people, not politics…


norway_shuttingNorway shuts down to control Corona



How do I practice social distancing?
The CDC defines social distancing as it applies to COVID-19 as “remaining out of congregrate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible.”

This means, says Rivers, “no hugs, no handshakes.”

It’s particularly important—and perhaps obvious—to maintain a that same 6-foot distance from anyone who is demonstrating signs of illness, including coughing, sneezing, or fever.

Along with physical distance, proper hand-washing is important for protecting not only yourself, but others around you—because the virus can be spread even without symptoms.

“Don’t wait for evidence that that there’s circulation [of COVID-19] in your community,” says Rivers. “Go ahead and step up that hand-washing right now, because it really does help to reduce transmission.”



How to avoid the spread of coronavirus when travelling

Security checks are thought to be the highest risk areas in airports. A study published by researchers from the University of Nottingham and the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare found that half of all plastic luggage trays at security checks were harbouring at least one respiratory disease such as the common cold or influenza.
Scientists have been planning for a pandemic for decades and transport hubs are widely regarded as infection hotspots, with virus transmission rates up to six times higher for those using public transport systems.


We Knew Disease X Was Coming. It’s Here Now.

We need to stop what drives mass epidemics rather than just respond to individual diseases.

“We live in dense and highly connected populations. Pandemics are inevitable. The ways we fund health science (slowly, meagerly) and finance health systems (inadequately, inequitably) are simply not up to the task of preventing them.”


Advice from Norwegian institute of public health




21 thoughts on “It’s about people, not politics…

  1. Our government here in Australia seems to be confusing the population instead of keeping them well informed. State health ministers say things to their state that differs from Federal Government even though they are supposed to be all working as a team according to Our Prime Minister. Who still shakes hands and pats people on the back. I expect he may well succumb. We are advised by the Department of Health to not touch our faces or shake hands, yet the Chief Medical Officer was caught on tv touching his nose and then shaking hands! He is the one who is advising the people on how to keep risk of catching this down. Here in Tasmania one cruise liner that berthed yesterday let its passengers disembark the other did not yet some of its passengers and crew disembarked somehow. I respect Norway’s response. Here we can still have groups as long as they are 500 and under this was announced Friday, but is not happening until Monday. Then the Federal Government says it is not an order/directive, it is a suggestion. Sigh. I am so very glad I live in Tasmania and out of town. That if need be I can be in my home for several weeks no problem as I always have a good pantry. May you keep well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting.
      I feel sorry for Australians. I feel countries should learn from Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong about handling Coronavirus.
      Take good care.


      1. Thank You. Australians the people are pretty hardy and we just like to know the truth and what we should do not be moddycoddled I feel. It will be what it will be.


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