28 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: Change

  1. Meg Evans

    Yes, change always happens, and wondering what will happen is just part of the process. I agree that we don’t have to question those feelings — they are just part of being human.

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  2. Yes this is very accurate. I desperately wanted a new job before this pandemic, but was too scared to make the commitment to change. Then I got laid off… which made me incredibly happy to have time to think about what matters to me… whereas for some it would be terrifying.

    I have now made the decision to fully quit which is terrifying since I am uncertain how the job market will be, but so liberating knowing I am free from going back to a place I was unhappy at. This is a lot of change to take in all at once, but I think we all learn to grow from these experiences. I am a little terrified, but SO EXCITED to see what is to come.

    I am a huge believer in doing what makes you happy and passionate, rather than passively receiving income. I hope everyone here is embracing this change in their own way and like the picture says, not questioning your emotions but embracing them.

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    1. Thank you so much Ashley for sharing your thoughts and how you are handling the situation.

      “Believing” in yourself or in positive way is an important aspect here also some countries do not have unemployment benefits. People react in different ways depending on their upbringing and economical situation. In anycase one needs trust to tackle with any situation.
      Good wishes to you in acquiring dream job.

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