22 thoughts on “Friday Fun Foto: A saying

  1. Beautiful post. I do what I can if I see something sitting like an elephant in my home on the floor. Otherwise, I just don’t care. If people don’t stop over to see me and talk to me, but rather to look at how clean my home is,—- then, I just say goodbye to these so called friends. This post of yours is right after my heart and I feel exactly like that. Thank you.

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  2. Grandma is wise. 🙂
    I’ve always made my home a place to be comfortable, feel lived-in in a good way, and be a place where others can make themselves at home and relax!
    I’ve been in homes that are very expensive and like museums, and I felt so uncomfortable. Ha! I was sure I’d be the first to spill or break something! 😮 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Great advice. I think when Sage and I were younger we both took this advice FAR too seriously. You would not dare come visit. *laughing* Now we’ve found balance – and it really helps that we share the work almost equally between us. I say “almost” because lots of how we determine who does what housework is that we gamble for it. We will play card or board games and at the end a household chore must be done. The winner gets to decide who does what chore. So if Sage wins she gives herself an easy chore like wipe down the kitchen counters and gives me one like “Clean the fridge” – it’s transformed things for us.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your way of managing daily chores. It’s very unusual and interesting.
      At my home no work is assigned to a particular person. We do it together right from cooking til cleaning 🙂

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