Sunday Trees: Silhouette


You cannot do silhouettes in fantasy. Ah, no, you must be faithful. It is, the art, a, what you call, paradox. It is always that you must be simple, and then, if you are simple, you will stimulate the imagination of the observer.  ~Ugo Mochi

For Sunday Trees

Our default weather is back in action. It’s cold and rain from last night temperaure is around 11degree. Sigh!

20 thoughts on “Sunday Trees: Silhouette

  1. Silhouettes don’t have regrets. When a silhouette is as beautiful as the trees you have photographed, and is functional and relevant, it is a true form of luxury. They evoke some kind of peace that says a lot with very little information.
    My humble opinion.

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    1. Thank you so much Zakiahji for sharing your thoughts.
      We were hiking on a trail and there were not many opportunities. Also I like to play with light and shade and hence the shot.
      Take care.


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