39 thoughts on “Introspection…

  1. I visualise to watch this picture ” when we remain thinking about something at night in our bed staring at moon,We would be thinking about any other or about ourself. Nice picture it really reflects introspection. Self analyses or evaluation

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  2. I will leave this as a part of the comment. It is mine and had posted it many years ago on a blog i used to be on. Your photos is stunning and exquisite.

    “This night is mine~ I think, tonight my night comes alone to me, without her friend the moonlight; wants to keep me company, the darkness says.
    This dark night, such loneliness it brings. I think she is sad too, her dearest friend the moon is nowhere to be seen and so it comes to my room and finds solace in my arms.

    Such togetherness!” (C)

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