Sunday – Say hello!


The greatest wisdom is in simplicity.                                                                                    Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness.                                                It’s not complex or elaborate.                                                                                                      The real knowledge is free.                                                                                                         It’s encoded in your DNA.                                                                                                                All you need is within you.                                                                                                          Great teachers have said that from the beginning.                                                           Find your heart, and you will find your way.                                                                            ~Carlos Barrios

44 thoughts on “Sunday – Say hello!

  1. So true. So true indeed.
    But sometimes,
    My wisdom is seen in keeping my mouth shut, me thinks!

    Rupali, the picture is absolutely defining of beauty, trust and freedom. Love it.

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      1. Wow! I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing information.
        These days we share roads with vehicles, bikers, humans and even animals 🙂
        I am glad the mountain and countryside roads have speed limit restrictions.
        Last year I saw some cows near glacier 🙂

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