Weekend 106: Autumn walk

A delayed post.

Sunday was a sunny autumn day and we did what was expected. We had been on a walk/hike, covered 12 km distance and climbed 600m above sea level. I used 867 calories on the walk. The data may or may not be 100% precise as I use fitbit but gave immense satisfaction. Figures are good when they are in favour. 😜

For those hours we did not have pandemic on our mind, a good change. On our way we met people of different age groups. On this tour our topic of discussion was hindustani classical music. To make our climbing easy we always choose a topic and discuss it. It worked like a miracle, we were not out of breath after covering 6 km in 90 minutes.

After the last chunck of steep hike we got a beautiful view. We rested on rocks and enjoyed it thoroughly, and yes we didn’t forget to write our names in the guest dairy.

The golden trees were not very close to the trail still I tried a golden close up shot.

The whole scenario was quite different when we hiked down hill. There were clouds and things looked so different. There was no chance of photography but I already had enough.

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67 thoughts on “Weekend 106: Autumn walk

  1. Company is always good for getting you up a steep bit. My husband operates on 6000 steps earning him a cake 🙂 🙂 I am still walking with friends but not intending to share a walk for a while, Rupali. Take good care!

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    1. Thanks Jo. Cake idea is too good.
      Yesterday I baked apple cake using Norwegian sour apples. We had apple cake with fresh whipped cream for high tea even without completing 5000 steps 🙂 It’s raining and windy so have to stay indoors today. 🙂
      You take care too.

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  2. What a beautiful day for a beautiful walk and what a wonderful topic to discuss! I like talks on walks…it makes the time go faster and I always learn something from my walk-partners. 🙂

    All of these photos are lovely, Rupali…but that last one takes my breath away! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. right now it is about 50 degrees F (10 C), here on this gorgeous sunny Sunday. Great walking weather. My neighbor and I walk and then I go to the studio and do elliptical, just to be sure that I am doing exercise. Great scenery and beautiful colors.

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      1. aFrankAngle

        Thanks for the warm welcome. We wanted to visit Norway this past summer, but COVID stopped that trip. Hope you see my response at my end.


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