Nurturing Thursday: Live this moment

It either rained or was clouded on full moon nights for past 6 – 7 months. It was such a moment when I saw moon peeking through clouds yesterday. The show didn’t last very long but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it’s raining today 😁😁😁

Nurturing Thursday

35 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: Live this moment

  1. Beautiful photo! Powerful truth in that quote!
    We’ve had clear skies the past few nights, so Coop and I go out and enjoy the moon. 🙂 He just walks and sniffs while I howl at the moon! 😉 HA! 😀 Okay, I don’t howl, I just stare at the moon with joy, awe, and gratitude! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Reena Deshmukh

    Beautiful photograph.
    I am sure the clouds couldn’t rain to drain the view, haha.
    Maybe because I am not very good in photography, I often wonder, how easily you can derive a strong message or a quote to that instantaneous clicking ideas. I guess you are person with lot of positive attitude.


    1. “I am sure the clouds couldn’t rain to drain the view”, Never underestimate the power of elements of nature . They are doing it for many months for now. Hahahhaha.
      Nothing is instantaneous dear Reena. Thanks a lot for appreciaitn my hobby.

      Enjoy Sunday and stay safe.

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  3. Beautiful photo Rupali, the clouds and the trees (are those trees?) give a nice mysterious touch to the moon. The moon was up bright in Bangalore tonight and we were sitting on the roof watching for quite some time.

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    1. Thanks Deb.
      Yes trees up on the mountain.
      I am glad you could enjoy full moon. I remember terrace parties on Sharad pornima night.

      Have you heard about a tradition to practice passing a thread in a needle? One has to look towards the moon for getting light.


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