76 thoughts on “May this year bring new happiness, new goals & new achievements…

  1. What an amazing photo and incredible that you were able to capture it. A few years back my son and I were driving through the mountains of Vermont at night and saw the biggest moon we ever saw. It almost looked unreal – as if the moon was tired of being so distant for so long and was on it’s way to crash into us. We could barely take our eyes off it. Daegan tried to get a photo but as big as it looked to our eyes, to the lens it was almost normal. That’s not the case in this photo.

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    1. I know how you would have felt. A couple of years ago I was mesmerized by the moon. It was around 7 in the morning and the moon was so close to us and so yellow. I was sitting in a public transport. I was just in awe. I wanted to shout and tell others to see outside and enjoy the moment instead of looking at at their mobiles.

      Thanks Todd for sharing your experience.


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