43 thoughts on “Warm spot in a cold heart

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      1. Hahaha….According to my husband first I should not stand at one place for long and second I should just enjoy the scene and move on as it was freaking cold.

        And I agree but then it was something special and I had to capture it. Moreover I know at the end he will just smile 😊

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  2. Beautiful photo – it sounds like your town is getting colder than ours is now. Today it was up to 2 degrees! We’ll see some cold before too long for sure, though.

    Glad to see that despite the bitter cold you’re still going outside. I’ve actually missed a few days but have resolved to fix that in the upcoming days.

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    1. Thank you Todd. You may not believe but apparentely you have inspired me.

      Inspite being -8 or -9 C we had our usual rounds during last week. Due to series of meetings we were late for our walk today but we managed to go out of the house. It was a new experience as we walked on 6+ inches snow.

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